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Ways to advertise on Google - Sun Media Marketing

The Ultimate Google Ads Guide

With the evolution of the internet, Traditional advertising materials have stopped providing fruitful results as they were in the early times. This article is all about Google Ads, the present and the future of online marketing. On October 23, 2000, the advertising platform came on the scene as Google Adwords, but it was renamed Google […]

Basic Guide to Keyword Research - Sun Media Marketing

Basic Guide to Keyword Research For SEO Strategy

There is no magic to rank your web page itself! SEO does all the wonders! We are glad you have stopped at this blog. All the information related to the keyword and Keyword Research is as under: What is a Keyword? A keyword is a word or a short sentence that describes a web page’s […]

Content Strategy Sun Media Marketing

Content marketing strategies are what you need to grow your business!

If you are of the opinion that content is simply a collection of blogs and articles that will help you tap your organizational goals, you might be partly right!

social media marketing Sun Media Marketing

Tips for a great social media marketing campaign

Social media usage has increased exponentially over the past decade. Almost everyone can be found on one social media site or the other. With such a large number of target users online, it is, without doubt the best place to reach them.